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Vistage Trusted Advisor group meetings are facilitated by Chad Harvey (the group Chair) who crafts the agenda and guides its members.

The group:

  • Meets monthly (12 times per year) for a half day
  • Works through opportunities and issues under the guidance of the Chair
  • Shares best practices, resources and solutions
  • Refers opportunities to each other to better serve each member’s clients
What is Vistage?
What are the Benefits?

As a Trusted Advisor Vistage member, you are accelerating the speed of trust critical to all successful business relationships.

This solid foundation opens the door to new possibilities within the local, regional and even national Vistage community.

Quality Referral Resource

Connect with your peers from noncompetitive businesses and establish professional and personal relationships with service providers serving common clientele in the area.

Networking Group

Build a better professional network by connecting with Trusted Advisor group members in your region, Vistage’s regional members and our global community of 24,000+ business leaders and professionals.

Sharpen Your Saw

The development of leadership capabilities all too often takes a back seat to the tyranny of today’s needs.

Briefly hitting the “pause” button monthly will enable you to learn from high-caliber peers, engage with an experienced Chair and apply lessons from exclusive thought leadership.

Grow Your Business

As your credibility is enhanced, your network expands, new referrals come your way and your savvy increases, your business will grow.

Membership in the Trusted Advisor group maximizes your existing business potential and gains you exposure to new revenue opportunities.

Other Benefits

Trusted Adviser members have access to Vistage’s:

  • Member-only social network
  • Whitepapers and best practices
  • Reports and economic data such as the quarterly CEO Confidence Index
  • Thought leadership materials from Vistage partners like Jim Colins, Simon Sinek, Colin Powell and others
  • Case Study

    Capital Co. jump-starts growth with return to core strategies

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